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  • 6 Low Price
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  • 13 FREE Customisation,
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  • 14 We calculate Tax & NI,  you supply Pay amount
  • 15 Order Single Payslip
  • 16 Email scan/Fax £2
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  • 17 Confidential, NO Contact  with Employer or anyone
  • 18 P60 from 2000/01 on (oldest in the business)
  • 19 Genuine HMRC forms
  • 20 Payroll Software,  HMRC  accredited
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Delighted Customers
I was most impressed by CheapPayslips.com's speed, knowledge in dealing with my enquiries, and their attention to detail on my very specific instructions. Thanks again
Jason Shaw, Surrey

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IRIS Mailer
IRIS Mailer
This is a premium payslip for customers who expect the very best.
IRIS Mailer payslip is printed on Laser printer. You tear off the sides to reveal the contents.
COMPANY address printing on the top right area of the payslip is a FREE OPTION. Select this option but clicking "YES" when asked "Do you want Company Address printed" when filling in the form.
Logo printing in colour is a £10 option.
Price: 30.00
3 Payslips = 30.00
2 Payslips = 24.00
1 Payslip  = 15.00
Each additional payslip = 5.00
Sage Plus Laser Blue
Sage Plus Laser Blue
Sage Plus Laser Blue. Printed using laser printer.  90 gsm stationery
Price: 14.00
3 Payslips = 14.00
2 Payslips = 10.00
1 Payslip  = 5.00
Each additional payslip = 2.00
Sage Mailer Laser
Sage Mailer Laser
  • This is a premium payslip for customers who expect the very best.
  • Sage Mailer payslip is printed on Laser printer.
  • You tear off the sides to reveal the contents.
  • Logo printing in colour is a £5 option (tick "Logo printing £5" box)
Price: 22.50
3 Payslips = 22.50
2 Payslips = 15.00
1 Payslip  = 7.50
Each additional payslip = 4.00
Would you like to
add a P60 tax year to your order?

Add a P60 to my order
Would you like to
add a P45 to your order?

Add a P45 to my order
Complete Order Details

Please fill in the form below with Order Details. Any fields marked with a * = compulsory.
This form is for ONE Employee & the SAME Employer:
One Company + One Employee Name = One Job Order. Two Names = Two Job Orders

Please do NOT use 100% CAPITALS to fill in this WHOLE form (except "P45 Details") unless that is how you want it.

If you wish to SAVE any filled in data before leaving this page, click "Save & Add More" button at the bottom of the form - otherwise any filled in data will be lost. Data is saved for 60 minutes.

If you need help in filling in the form please call 0870 479 7099 or 07946 46 0368 (mobile).

Employee Details
* Title:
* First Name or Initial:
* Surname:
* Home Address on document Line 1:
  Home Address on document Line 2:
* Town/City/County:
* Postcode:
* NI Number:
* Phone contact (form filler):
* Email contact (form filler):
* Confirm Email:
Employment Details:
* Company/Employer Name:
(if required, include 'Limited' or 'Ltd')
   Staff/Employee/Payroll #:
(OPTIONAL. eg 0018,AK1368
(If no input, box on document will be blank)
* Employment Start Date:
(this affects Year to date totals)
/ /
* Payslip frequency:
(how often are payslips issued)
* Payment Method:
(eg Thirtieth, every 2 weeks Friday)
Payslip Details:
Please do NOT use ALL CAPITALS to fill in this "Payslip Details" section unless that is how you want it.
eg 0018, AK1368. This is optional
eg 0018,AK1368. This is optional
Company Address printing is available for PREMIUM SECURITY MAILER payslips.
Company address will be printed in the top right area of the payslip.
If required, please select this option below:
No, I do NOT want Company
Address printed:
Yes, I want Company
Address printed:
* Tax Code:
   Enter Tax Code, if "Other" :
* Dates of ALL Payslips required:
Enter individual dates dd/mm/yyyy
(usually Pay day or process date)
* Salary Amount (£):
(do NOT use comma or point in the wrong place!)
(correct format 2230.55. NOT 2,230.55)
(EXCLUDING Bonus, Commission etc)
(if amounts variable or hrs x rate, enter '999'
enter variable amts or hrs x rate in
'(OPTIONAL) Comments'

(if monthly payslips, enter monthly amount
if weekly payslips, enter weekly amount etc
to avoid misunderstanding)
* Salary above is:
* Gross or Net:
Match to either GROSS or NET (Take Home)
To match BOTH figures tick 'Exact Match 10'
in 'Additional Extras' below. Enter required

Preferred description of Gross Payment:
(overtype if different from 'Salary')


(OPTIONAL) Upload Files (Logo/Payslip/P60/P45/documents):
You may Upload Files for our attention.

Logo printing (tick £10 'Add logo' box below. ONLY available on 'PREMIUM' range payslips).

Click "Browse" to select a file. You may attach multiple files up to a total message size of 10MB.
Scans in colour PDF (300x300) preferred. Other formats: JPG,PNG,GIF,Word,excel
Upload File(s):
(OPTIONAL) Additional Extras:
If you require any Additional Extras, please tick the appropriate box below.
Charge is £2 for an UNLIMITED number of 'extras' boxes selected.
Exceptions are £10 (Logo printing), £10 'Exact Match' service.

If amounts are same amount & regular, enter eg 250 pm
If amounts are not regular, enter Date with Amount, comma separated eg 28/11/2012 452.75, 28/12/2012 510.00
'Exact Match' (extra work):
£10.00 fee
Add Logo:
£10.00 fee
Department Name or Job Title:
Cost Code:
Holiday Allowance (total no. of days in year):
(enter no. of days already taken, no. of days taken in each Pay Period
(OPTIONAL) Comments (Payslips/P60/P45):
Do NOT enter Bonus, Commission, Pension etc in this section (use above 'Additional Extras')

Enter in this box any comment about your order or not covered anywhere else
Eg variable amounts per pay period eg Net Pay (take home), Gross Pay, Bonus etc).
Hours x Rate of Pay (detail for EACH Payslip date), change of Home Address etc.

If details are extensive, upload documents (eg Word, Excel) in 'Upload Files' section above
Delivery Details:
Please enter the name & delivery address for your order.

NOTE: For orders by post, delivery address MUST match the Credit/Debit card billing address. If not, you must pay in advance by Cash equivalents.

NOTE: if 'Collection from Office' (10.00 fee), enter '00' (2 zeros) in each field below.
 Copy Employee Name & Address
   from above:
* Title:
* First Name or Initial:
* Surname:
* Delivery Address Line 1:
   Delivery Address Line 2:
* Town/City/County:
* Postcode:
Delivery Method:
   Collection from Office:
  Ready within 3 hrs or sooner. You will be contacted by Mobile/SMS of approx time when ready. Order online or by phone in advance. Payment in advance, in Cash equivalents before visit. No exceptions. Select the "Offline Payment" option in the Checkout.
* Method:
  NOTE: 'Next Day before 1 pm' (and all services) is by Royal Mail. Latest Order time is 3:00 PM (Mon-Fri), 9.00 AM (Sat) for same day Dispatch. If after these times, order will be posted next Royal Mail working day (Mon-Sat).
   Email My Order:
  Colour scans in PDF format emailed within 2 hr.
Order will also be posted as normal.
   Refer A Friend:
* Where did you hear about us?
* Security Check   4 + 6   =
Complete Your Order:
I confirm that the data entered on this form is true,
accurate & complete
I agree that this service is for legal purposes only
  Your Total Order Cost is 66.50
Note: This service is for legal purposes only.
IRIS Mailer30.00
Sage Plus Laser Blue14.00
Sage Mailer Laser22.50
Additional Extras0.00
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